Top 10 Travel pinterest trends to try in 2018: The new hot spots

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Traveling is taking off on Pinterest, with over 4 billion ideas and a 33% increase in Buy-ins. Pinners make use of it both as a bucket list and guidebook. 68% of them say they’re searching for destinations to visit in the foreseeable future. Once they pick the location, they are for places to play, stay and eat. They buying both souvenirs and inspiration for food, home decor, style and beauty to integrate within their everyday life.

1. Desert escapes: It isn’t really a mirage—things are warming up in wasteland destinations like Morocco, Lebanon, Atacama Desert and Joshua Tree (saves for “desert travel” +125%)

2. Living los angeles vida local: Travelers want real real-deal experience and neighborhoods, not simply tourist blocks and guide book go-tos (saves for “local travel” +146%)

3. Travel journal-ism: Topic journals are responsible for way for new twists on the travel log—jetsetters are adding creative touches like watercolors, washi tape and calligraphy (saves for “travel journal” +169%)

4. Mediterranean island jumping: The magic is off the mainland—islands in Croatia and Mykonos in A holiday in greece are unbelievable (saves for “Croatian islands” and “Mykonos” +96%)

5. River cruising: Vacationers are swapping the high seas for stellar natural scenery on river wanders through Vietnam, Germany and Egypt (saves for “river cruises” +346%)

6. Mexico’s vámonos moment: Some go for the glamorous cities and street food, others for sparkly beaches and old pyramids (saves for “Mexico City” +96%)

7. Throwback travel: Think way back—history lovers are heading off the usual jogging trail to old world Europe and ancient sites like Angkor Wat (saves for “historical travel” +92%)

8. The planet is a fabric: Cities like Miami, Lisboa and Melbourne  are manufactured for street fine art scavenger hunts (saves for “street art” +79%)

9. Items are searching for: Scuba snorkeling is down, while stone and mountain climbing lookups are making a large ascent (saves for “bing” +82%)

10. One-day vacays: A new proper getaway doesn’t have to take weeks—plan it right and one day will perform the job (saves for “24 hour travel” +134%)


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