The 09 Ultimate Cooking Hacks

The 09Ultimate Cooking Hacks

1. Make Whipped Cream in a Mason Jar

Get started with room temperature heavy ointment and a mason jar. Shake, shake, shake unless you have whipped cream!

2. Get the Smell of Garlic Off Your Hands

Rub fingers with stainless steel steel spoon and then wash hands. The odor should be gone!

3. Turn That Pesky Sriracha Stuck at the Base into Chile Essential oil

Fill a splash of veggie, grapeseed or peanut oil into the bottle and shake to have a delightful chile essential oil

4. Remove Fats from Soup or Stews

In the event you decline a couple of ice cubes into a soup/stew/casserole, you’ll commence to see easily scoopable fat parcelle. This happens because the fat commences to congeal in the colder area you have created.

5. Avoid the Burning Sensation of Spicy Foods with Lips Balm

Apply a coating of lip balm before digging into spicy foods to help avoid that awful lip burning sensation

6. Freeze Fresh Herbal treatments in Ice Cube Dish with Olive Oil
Retains your herbs fresher and a fairly easy and delightful way to sauté veggies or meats!

7. Cry Fewer When Cutting Onions

To be able to minimize the tears, put onions in the freezer for about 15 minutes before cutting up

8. Make your bananas stay longer

Separate your bananas when you return from the store. They’ll stay fresh longer.

being unfaithful. Prevent a Pot from Over-Boiling

If you relax a wooden spoon across a pan or pot of boiling water it stops it from cooking food over. Magic!

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